Different? You want different? Music? Humor? Freestyle Rapping? Maybe something related to EPM?


Maybe. Actually, yes, quite a bit really.

Chris Turner is his name

You read that right: EPM Conversations has a number of firsts in this podcast:

  1. A conversation with the artist and performer Chris Turner.
  2. A freestyle rap about EPM. Really. We have the best and simultaneously the only rap on this subject extant. I look forward to others contributing to this genre. And then a rap battle. It’s the obvious move.
  3. A podcast where your hosts are largely unable to form coherent sentences or at least keep up with the guest. We tried but we’re not that facile with language as you’ll hear when Chris covers EPM in all of its glory as well as the episode itself.

A note before we get into the content of this conversation: if you are of a timid and retiring nature, easily offended at adult language and commentary, then I fear this isn’t for you. However, I think the number of 11 year olds who listen to EPM Conversations rounds down to zero and you are all grown up so I merely warn that if you are one of the few in our little industry who is in an office during The Plague, this is a podcast (and other related media) best consumed at home or at least through earbuds. Oh yes, you also need to have a sense of humor – it’s all very funny stuff but adult. There, I think I’ve given fair warning to the faint of heart which is surely not you, Gentle Listener.

And just who is Chris Turner?

This is absolutely a case of letting one’s work speak for itself. Check out his YouTube channel as a first stop.

And yes, he’s English. Do yourself a favor and watch the rap-battle-that-I-hope-will-one-day-come-to-EPM-may-that-day-be-soon between Chris and Thomas Toles. Poor Canadians – they’re even practically British but that doesn’t help them much. Funny stuff, especially the bit at the end that drives home what makes the Special Relationship well, special.

Done? Something else, eh? How much time did you not do your job? Guilty as charged I imagine. That’s what art does – and wordplay and music are most definitely art.

How did guys as deeply uncool as EPM Conversations’ hosts end up with a freestyle rapper?

All blame credit is due John. How on earth he came up with the idea is beyond Yr. Obt. Svt., I’m merely glad he did and I think you will be as well.

Just how do geeks engage a rapper and even more importantly have a conversation with him?

One can’t say that Chris doesn’t get This Modern World:

We did exactly none of this. Of course. Instead John reached out to Chris via his web site: https://www.christurnercomedy.com/ See, we are creative or at least not very good at following more obvious routes.

After John worked his magic, he and I had a call with Chris about how all of this works. Beyond the more obvious live performances, he quite often does videos as he does for EPM Conversations for all sorts of audiences, even podcasts which given their non-visual form is quite the feat.

The finished products(s)

After that came the reason you listen to EPM Conversations – a conversation with all of your hosts and Chris. Chris has a very different take on data and how he crafts his product. Yes, quite outside of the typical EPM topic but there is that grain of what we do in what he does. Look for more of this in future episodes.

How to consume this multimedia podcast? Listen or watch? Or listen while watching? Or listen first and then watch? Or the other way round? You decide. No matter what, we think you’ll enjoy it. We did.

Want to watch Chris directly? This is like having dessert before the Meat and Two Veg you’re supposed to have first but no matter. NB – oh dear, a double entendre. The first definition in that explanatory link, please. And after the below, do listen to the podcast as there’s much more going on than just this most excellent freestyle rap.

We hope you like the episode as much as we do. If you do enjoy it, please give us a good rating on the provider of your choice as it both bathes our ever-needy egos and also – and rather more importantly – allows listeners to more easily find us.

Join us, won’t you?

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