EPM Conversations — Episode 10, A Conversation with Jodi Hill, Pattern Recognizer and Outlier

We’re all wired to see patterns We live in patterns:  seasonal, political, historical, and even atomic.  Many live a life blithely unaware of them, which is to their disadvantage, for understanding those patterns is key…Read more

EPM Conversations – Episode No. 7, A Conversation With Kevin Lawrence, Marketing Analytics, Corporate to Guerilla

Not EPM, not CPM, but analytics of a marketing kind This podcast is dipping its collective and metaphorical toe outside of the warm and cozy confines of performance management with a conversation with a guest…Read more

EPM Conversation – Episode No. 2, Part 2, A Conversation With Essbase Lady, Natalie Delemar

Intro and outro, part 2 Short and sweet? Yep, that’s the way it is on the ever-busy www.epmconversations.com. Let us give thanks. That’s okey, ‘cos we’re going to let the conversation speak for itself. This…Read more
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